Routes through the history and culture of Venice

visit the city and its lagoon with Geografismi’s theme routes


The project

Geografismi was created to welcome tourists and prove that people can respect Venice and its fragile nature. Our routes will take you far from mass tourist attractions and will tell you thousand-year-old stories.

The routes

Geografismi shows the city through different and enthralling thematic readings: for a thousand years, Venice has been standing at the crossroads of different stories, which are now the landmarks on our routes, offering alternative perspectives.

The philosophy

Geografismi will accompany you all day long, but it has been conceived so as to let you discover more on the theme you’ve chosen on the days following your visit, too. We’ll show you the way, then let Venice itself talk to you.

Population of Venice

Tourists per day and inhabitant


Craftspeople in the old town

Historical sights

Geografismi is a project made up of people!

Cristina Giussiani and Mare di Carta

Geografismi was born to prove that the approach to tourism in Venice can be changed, by starting again, from Venetians and alternative routes.


Tour Operator bringing new insights to Venice, expanding its area including the Lagoon, to discover authentic places, letting in contact with local people.


Many professionals have joined this project, and all of them are ready to pass their love for the city on to you, through their knowledge.

Geografismi’s Blog

In this section you’ll always find stories and curiosities about Venice will invite you to stay or to come back, before, after and during your stay on the lagoon.

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