In 2010, while collaborating with the authors and illustrators Lele Vianello and Guido Fuga, the Geografismi project took shape: a series of collectible thematic maps designed and realized to tell visitors about the unravelled labyrinth of Venetian celebrations and traditions, rather than to guide them out of it.

The first map, though, had to be a map of Venice and of its simple tortuousness. But beware of using it as your lifeline to find your way among the calli and get to your goal! Geografismi’s map of Venice is rather a faithful representation of the cross section of Venetian life you will happen to bump into while visiting the city. We have tried to take some “pictures” of the city as Venetians see it and, at the same time, as the foresti (“foreigners”) see it.

A gift idea or a souvenir to bring back home to remind yourself to come back and visit our beloved Venice once again!

Geografismi mappa di venezia

Size when opened: 50 x 70 cm; size when folded into an envelope: 16 x 16 cm.

Price €10,00 ISBN 978-88-87505-10-8

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