For some months, during last summer, the Municipality of Venice didn’t take any action, waiting to understand what would happen after the resignation of the mayor and the fall of the town council.

At last, next week we’ll have an appointment to confirm the agreements made earlier whose aim it was to obtain the formal permissions for our maritime route. The issue concerns mainly the visit of the Arsenale and some places owned by the Municipality that aren’t normally open to the public.

Our efforts to get permissions in a mayor-less city

The Municipality managers, as far as the cultural and tourist aspects are concerned, continue to show much interest in our project, that will bring a small contribution to a positive and useful effect for the image of the town.

So we are confident that we’ll soon start our tours following the footprints of the maritime history of Venice!

Since January, when thanks to Thalassa, the news of our initiative has crossed the local boundaries, reaching all of you, we never stopped believing in this project.

We know the fact that in the meantime many people have come to Venice and have visited the Geografismi website, maybe with the disappointment of not being able to make our route.

Don’t give up following us and even if this story never seems to arrive to an happy end, you must know that without all your affection and your interest it would be even more difficult for us to fight. Next week, if we get the official written statement to start, nobody will be able to stop us! So stay with us and continue with us to believe in sustainable tourism to Venice.

Cristina Giussani

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