Giuliana Longo’s workshop in Venice is an actual institution but, as it is often the case, it is frequently misunderstood and little appreciated by the quick-in-and-out tourism which is raging in the city.

The hat shop in Venice

Since 1902, the Longo family has been creating and selling any kind of hats: Panama hats, gondolier hats and Carnival tricorns, as well as Giuliana’s own original products that – being completely handmade – are all unique items.

The workshop is officially recognized as a historic place of the Veneto Region, and this is why we’ve decided to add Giuliana’s workshop to our maritime route.

All Venetians know her, all gondoliers wear her creations and, given the high quality of her handicraft products, we think that Giuliana and her whole world are a story worth being shared with our Geografismi’s friends.

The world of Venetian handicraft

A visit to the workshop will let you enter a world which is indeed little known, but nevertheless enchanting: its window catches the eye and a step through its door leads into an apparently untidy space, where hold sway the flair and creativity of this milliner, who has managed to merge tradition and fantasy. Giuliana is a craftswoman and, after you’ve come to know her, you’ll understand how much her work is worth and how important it is to keep it alive and active in this city.

Geografismi wants to show you and let you experience how many excellent craftspeople are still alive and productive in the city. Venice hasn’t completely turned into an open-air museum, yet, but tourists should want to change their point of view!

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