Located in a hostile place no one would have bet a penny on, it is a miracle that Venice was even born, cleverly built by the tireless and stubborn first Venetians – maybe affected by a hint of madness. Same as us! We want to start over again from the alternatives to tourism which still hold out in the city. Have you ever asked yourself how many high-quality handicraft goods Venice has produced, besides its beauty? Glass, lace, shipyards and a book industry.

Venice: nothing like this elsewhere

Would you like to visit Venice? Then, dear foresto (“foreign”) visitor, this may be exactly the moment when you really start wishing for it, when you learn to wait for it and when you understand that nothing compares to the way things are in Venice. Geografismi’s routes follow some thematic paths around Venice, by looking at it from a very simple point of view: getting to know the city means discovering its age-old historic and artistic traditions.

Inner dock Arsenal | Geografismi

Alternative tourist routes through Venice

Here’s some of the features common to all the routes of our offer:

  • the route is a one-day tour designed to let you learn something more on some themes related to Venice;
  • all routes have been drawn up in such a way as to show the city both through some of its public places, which will be presented from a thematic perspective, and by visiting some private places related to traditional activities;
  • each route is held for a maximum of six people;
  • each group is always led by Official Guides of the Municipality of Venice;
  • tours can be taken from Monday to Saturday, prescribed holidays excluded;
  • the price of the Geografismi package includes a foreign-language-speaking guide (Italian, French, English), the tickets for the museums, the cost of transport from one place to another on a typical boat and a map of the route.
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