To each his own route!

With Geografismi you can visit the city of Venice from new points of view, designed to create theme routes which make the most of its history, traditions and culture.

Things to know

The cost per capita of our routes is tailored and customised according to your needs. This is why, if you’re interested in visiting Venice with the Geografismi project, we kindly ask you to fill in the booking form and to carefully indicate details which may be important for us. We’ll answer you within 12 hours and make you our best offer.

Due to the way the visit is organised, we kindly ask you to submit your booking request well in advance. We plan our routes together with craftspeople whose workshops that aren’t usually open to the public: this is why it is important for you to arrange your visit to Venice with Geografismi’s routes in good time.

Our routes are meant for small groups of people, who can reach and visit public or private places that are otherwise out of reach. This our requirement and characteristic needs flexibility, from your side, but we promise it will be worth it!

Geografismi’s routes are not suitable for children aged under 10. This limit is set both by the nature of the visit, conceived for an adult public, and by how some parts of the routes are organised.

The routes are organised so as they can be followed in any weather. There won’t be any good or bad weather for us, we’ll always have the necessary equipment to let your visit take place. If, on the other hand, you were unable to take part in the route, we would refund your booking only if it is cancelled within 20 days prior to the visit day.

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Explore Venice from different points of view, with our theme routes you’ll never get enough of discovering this city’s magic.

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