Cristina Giussani

Mare di Carta Bookstore

My love for the lagoon and the city has urged me through time to offer Venice’s visitors a different picture of the city and, most of all, a discovery trail leading them to understand the city’s deep-rooted connection to water.

In 1997, the roll-up doors of the bookstore Mare di Carta were raised for the first time, in a small place bursting with water and sea, with nautical sports and history, with technique and marine. A place to provide the first information on these topics and to materialize my engagement in my city’s life. By becoming more and more specialized, the bookstore has turned into a meeting point for people, where cultural exchanges can take place. Riding this very wave of my passion for bookselling, I’ve become a publisher, too, thus giving voice to all of those who, like me, thought that action and reaction were necessary, as well as possible.

The Geografismi project offers theme routes through the history and culture of my city, Venice, by following some simple rules, to preserve and make the most of its ecosystem, by treasuring its inhabitants and its story.

Mare di Carta bookstore

An international reference point for all book and boat lovers. The bookstore is going to be the starting point for all of Geografismi’s routes.

Cristina Giussani

The project’s deviser is going to manage and coordinate the various routes, by taking care of the public relationships with partners and institutions.

  • French 100% 100%
  • English 80% 80%
  • Spanish 40% 40%

Lara Campolin

She runs the bookstore together with Cristina Giussani and, as far as Geografismi is concerned, she is going to welcome the groups, by giving them their travel kits.

  • Spanish 80% 80%
  • English 80% 80%
  • French 30% 30%

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