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The etymology of the name Venezia is in itself an invitation to return here which reveals much. Better still, it reveals so many things, emotions, views of sceneries, people and places that, once you’ve discovered them, you simply can’t get enough of them.


Venice is slowly emptying, unable to handle the masses and their compulsive tourism. But you can help changing this situation.


Those who visit the city’s landmarks, due to an increasingly hectic schedule, do not help the city. Seeing Venice in one day is not a good way to travel.


There are still some people living in Venice and fighting for a sustainable tourism: this is the city we want to let you know, you’ll fall in love with it and come back to it.

Squero San Trovaso | Geografismi

Around 20 million tourists coming from all over the world visit Venice each year. Living in a city with an average of 50,000 visitors a day and inhabited by little more than 59,000 Venetians in the old centre maybe means living in the paradox. By now, the city survives on and for tourism, to such an extent that each aspect of the quality of its life is affected by it. Venice is gradually emptying of inhabitants and finds itself unable to handle the mass incomings of visitors who go and keep on going to the most easily recognized and photographed sites of interest. That is Saint Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, where they end up trapped in frantic times and in the awareness that the city is just the mask of itself, and they will eventually leave the old centre and ultimately remember Venice as it looks like in postcards. Everyday there’s some people fighting the daily great war of tourism, which is, at the same time, a necessary resource and the city’s executioner. We like to call them “resistant inhabitants”: they are citizens who love their city and fight for it. They’re craftspeople, sellers, employees and common people who try to keep on working in such a special place. Then here’s how the Geografismi project was born.

Our routes

Our theme routes have been organised by collaborating with public and private organizations, whose aim is a high-quality tourism that takes care of Venice’s ecosystem. From fabrics to fashion, from photography to book industry, from music to theatre, from sea to handicraft, our routes are meant for a thematic discovery of the city, so that you’ll never cease to find out something new about it!


Find out now how to book Geografismi’s first route.


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Not available yet. Sign up to our Newsletter to keep up to date with our news!

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