This Geografismi’s route will lead you into Venice’s heart. Aboard of a “Bragozzo” along the
saltmarshes water you will pass through the lagoons that encircle the inner city where you could
visit some islands of great historical and cultural importance. In these islands you will find
preserved memoirs and knowledges that made Venice a vanguard city, an essential crossroads for
the whole civilized world of that age.

Venice and its water walls

The route will let you pass through the north and the central Venetian Lagoon aboard of a
In this way, helped by the slow pace of the boat, you will be able to admire the lagoon nature and
its ecosystem. You will disenbark in some islands to enjoy the guided tours that will throw you in
the past. So they will make you appreciate the Venetians’s foresight and avant-garde not only in
growing and flourishing their town but even preserving it from deseases. Their solution was the
Lazzaretti, the first healthcare system in Europe with the aim to save people from infections.


hours time


churches (optional)


The stops of the route The Soul and the Plague


Aboard of Bragozzo

The group will get aboard of Cristina’s bragozzo that will trasport the hosts during the visits from
point to point of the Lagoon that encircles Venice: from north to central.

S.Francesco del Deserto

It’s a quiet island surrounded by the saltmarshes of the north Lagoon where stayed San Francesco.
This island invites you to spirituality and meditation. The first stop to discover the soul of Venice.

The Lazzaretto Novo

In this island and in its hospital crews and goods waited in Quarantine. It was inhabited as early as
the ninth century (Vigna Murada) and rich of historical and archeological artefacts. The chief
building of the island is the “Tezon Grande”, more than 100 metres long.

The Lazzaretto Vecchio

We will visit the first lazzaretto of the history that stores a monumental heritage of great interest
and witnesses the essential healthcare role, avant-garde in the world, performed during the
centuries by the Serenissima to defend trades.


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Discover the Venetian Lagoon with the Soul and the Plague route

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