The first Geografismi’s route we’re about to present is the rediscovery of Venice’s ancestral connection to the element of water. The water of canals is alive, it moves according to tides and the city has always been walking a thin line on water.

Venice, the city on water

The maritime route winds through some of the city’s landmarks, bound to navy guilds, and traces some “minor” paths inside the city’s museums, by underlining the very nautical and maritime aspect of Venetian history. A perspective which will let you look at Venice from the right point of view: from the surface of the water, with the aim of letting you know Venice through its past and present maritime history.





The maritime route’s stops

The group will go on board Cristina’s bragozzo, who will ferry the guests during visits from one place to the other in the city: from the Arsenal to the Grand Canal.

Today there are three workshops of remeri in Venice, craftsmen making unique products: pars and fòrcole (“rowlocks”), tailor-made for rowing professionals, but not only.

The flagship of the Venetian Republic’s shipbuilding industry, we’ll enter from the Basin to visit the toise hosting the boats of the Historical Regatta.

It is the shipyard where maintenance activities on all rowing boats were carried out. The city by now has only three such shipyards, wholly dedicated to the storage of gondolas.

Inside the Arsenal, we will make an exclusive visit to the control cabin of the Mose’s bulkheads, the core of the technology protecting the city.

It studies how to preserve and restore traditional boats. The branch office we will visit is located in an old shipyard, where we will see priceless specimens.

One of the most visited cultural hubs in the city, during our visit we will focus on the rooms dedicated to the ships’ pavilion, the history of the Arsenal and Venice’s navy.

Giuliana’s hats cover the heads of all the city’s gondoliers: we will visit her workshop and know her handwork, based on manual skill and creativity.

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