Venice: nothing like this elsewhere!

Located in a hostile place no one would have bet a penny on, it is a miracle that Venice was even born, cleverly built by the tireless and stubborn first Venetians – maybe affected by a hint of madness. Same as us! We want to start over again from the alternatives to tourism which still hold out in the city. Have you ever asked yourself how many high-quality handicraft goods Venice has produced, besides its beauty? Glass, lace, shipyards, book industry.

Would you like to visit Venice? Then, dear foresto (“foreign”) visitor, this may be exactly the moment when you really start wishing for it, when you learn to wait for it and when you understand that nothing compares to the way things are in Venice. Geografismi’s routes follow some thematic paths around Venice, by looking at it from a very simple point of view: getting to know the city means discovering its age-old historic and artistic traditions.

If you want to visit Venice with Geografismi, plan your journey in good time, book your route and make the most of our customized estimates!

Geografismi’s routes are one-day tours, designed to let you learn something more on some themes related to Venice. All routes have been drawn up in such a way as to show the city both through some of its public places, which will be presented from a thematic perspective, and by visiting some private places related to traditional activities.

Geografismi’s routes go for sustainable and human-friendly tourist experiences: each route is open to small groups of participants, in order for us to deliver a high-quality service and to refine the routes’ contents. The groups are always accompanied by official Guides and/or couriers living in the city.

For each of our routes we’ve designed and made some tools in different languages, to help you understand and know better the research on which the Geografismi project is based on. Our city guides will be useful if you want to continue your journey in the days after your visit, and once you’re home you’ll keep on reading the stories that have struck you most!



Bell towers

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Far from mass tourism

Geografismi was created to suggest an alternative to mass tourism, far from the most widely known places, in order to discover the true Venice, the one that can deal with anything.

The traces of history

Geografismi’s theme routes draw new points of view both on the city and on Europe’s culture and art history, that has passed through Venice and left visible marks in the city.

High-quality tourism

Geografismi offers a high-quality tourism and presents contents answering to the demands of those who love Venice, its history and magic and its complexity too.

Before leaving

Geografismi is a tourism awareness project, aiming at letting tourists know our city, Venice, in a new way: a one-of-a-kind city which is, though, invaded by 20 million tourists a year .

We want to offer excellent alternatives and contents, to show that Venice means much more than the Rialto bridge and the Doge’s Palace.

Our routes are dedicated to all of the city’s admirers, to those who visit the city for the first time or who can’t get enough of coming here. We’ve designed a route for each of you: enter Geografismi and you’ll begin an endless journey to discover Venice.

How do I book?

Choose the Geografismi route that suits you best, that meets your passions or your curiosity, plan your journey in good time and contact us to plan the best visit possible.

How much does it cost?

Choose your route and send us your booking request, we’ll answer within 24 hours and provide you with a customized offer meeting your needs.

Alone or in company?

Geografismi is meant for small groups of people: we don’t recommend our visits to families with children aged under 10 years old, but if you’re a couple or travelling with a group of friends, Geografismi is the right tour for you, and if you’re travelling alone you’ll find a good company!

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